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Portage handles will make you portage like a pro

Portage handles will make you portage like a pro 0

A guide for marathon kayak paddlers to install your own portage handles ready for your next race.

The best way to portage is to portage cleanly. This requires control of your kayak when taking it out of the water, running with it through the portage and placing it into the water at the end of the portage. A clean portage will be a fast portage so to remove the risk of your cockpit edge slipping out of your hand or losing control while excess water moves inside of your kayak during the portage many of the top kayak marathon athletes upgrade their K1’s and K2’s with portage handles. This gives your hand a complete grip to control the kayak and allow you to easily carry the kayak through the portage like a suitcase. The Wash Rider portage handles are also made with an aluminium insert making them stiff to allow you to steer the kayak where you need it when weaving through the pack in a hectic portage.

In the butter hole...

In the butter hole... 4

Wherever in the world, you travel to train or race marathon paddling or surf ski you will usually pick up the local paddling technical terms. However, like all travelers to foreign countries, it is always better if you know some paddling specific language before you get there. This blog is to help you know a little more about wash riding and the language around the world.
7 stocking stuffers for paddlers under $50

7 stocking stuffers for paddlers under $50 0

You don’t have to splurge on a new carbon fibre K1 or surfski to treat yourself this holiday season. We’ve collected our favourite paddler gifts that won’t break the bank. Here are 7 stocking stuffers for under $50.
How to install a K1 racing kayak foot pump

How to install a K1 racing kayak foot pump 1

An essential part of any marathon or river race is a kayak foot pump to keep dry and fast while not sinking through the rapids or water from other paddlers splashing into your cockpit. The hubby style foot pump is a very common style which was first invented by the South African paddler Hubby Sandberg in the 1990's. To complete the installation of a K1 foot pump you can either watch the video on the blog or the written instructions.