About us

Kieran Babich, Wash Rider's founder, got his start as a paddler in 2007 as an entry to a local multisport race. After completing the race he won a raffle for a brand new paddle. The paddler manufacturer didn't want to give the paddle to the owner of such a bad plastic boat that he told his friend delivering the prize that if Kieran didn't come to training offer him some money for the prize. Needless to say, Kieran took the paddle and showed up the training then went on to compete internationally in kayak marathon races around the world.

What began as some broken duct tape and a lost GPS watch has now turned into an online retailer shipping boutique paddling gear to paddlers everywhere there's good water. Since 2011, Wash Rider  has been developing innovative gear to better your paddling experience. We share the same passion to go faster on the water as you and this experience pushes us to make and source the best gear possible for our worldwide community of paddlers and athletes.


Liffey Descent, Ireland (Photo credit: Kyle Turpin)