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10 minute steering tune up for kayaks

10 minute steering tune up for kayaks 0

If you haven't looked at your kayaks rudder cables in a long time, or if you have time to burn and want to have precision steering in your kayak this blog will help you to thread the eye of a needle in your kayak.

In the butter hole...

In the butter hole... 4

Wherever in the world, you travel to train or race marathon paddling or surf ski you will usually pick up the local paddling technical terms. However, like all travelers to foreign countries, it is always better if you know some paddling specific language before you get there. This blog is to help you know a little more about wash riding and the language around the world.
A paddler's guide to self-isolation

A paddler's guide to self-isolation 0

Do you need inspiration for alternate activities to paddling? Look no further

With many canoeists and kayakers across the world doing their part to stop the spread of the Covid-19 disease, some of us find ourselves with greater free time, but with fewer paddling options. If you’re a paddler you may not be able to, or simply may not want to get out on your local ocean, river or lake at this time. But there are plenty of kayak paddling-related things you can do to keep yourselves occupied and match fit for the return to the water.

7 stocking stuffers for paddlers under $50

7 stocking stuffers for paddlers under $50 0

You don’t have to splurge on a new carbon fibre K1 or surfski to treat yourself this holiday season. We’ve collected our favourite paddler gifts that won’t break the bank. Here are 7 stocking stuffers for under $50.