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ICF Marathon Classic Series: Adige Marathon (Italy)

ICF Marathon Classic Series: Adige Marathon (Italy) 0

You know a race has hot competition in it when the fire brigade is hosing down the paddlers at the start. The Adige Marathon in the north of Italy attracts 1500+ paddlers to the Verona region of North of Italy. Set in the river below stunning limestone mountains above the town of Borghetto d'Avio the river is fast flowing, cold and packed with paddlers for this wild water canoe marathon. This blog is our recount of the 2014 edition of the race.
ICF Marathon Classic Series: Liffey Descent (Ireland)

ICF Marathon Classic Series: Liffey Descent (Ireland) 2

Using the words of a numerous Liffey paddlers "That's the Liffey!” and what a race it is. With the 2021 edition of the race coming up I thought I’d retrieve the old 2014 GoPro footage of my first attempt on this race and re-watch this superb ICF Marathon Classic Series event. For those unfamiliar, it is a race where the luck of the Irish can help greatly.
In the butter hole...

In the butter hole... 0

Wherever in the world, you travel to train or race marathon paddling or surf ski you will usually pick up the local paddling technical terms. However, like all travelers to foreign countries, it is always better if you know some paddling specific language before you get there. This blog is to help you know a little more about wash riding and the language around the world.