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Survey: Paddler Seat Comfort

Survey: Paddler Seat Comfort 0

Surfski and kayak seat fit is a very individual problem with the three dimensions to be considered of the seat shape, the paddler’s shape, and the paddler’s technique or movement. There is one consistent point though, the large number of paddlers trying to paddle without pain! The aim of this post's survey is to gain a better understanding of the patterns between these three dimensions.

Fun Paddling is Fast Paddling

Fun Paddling is Fast Paddling 0

Just how fast are they going? For those of us more accustomed to competing in the local club time trial, we thought we’d translate the Olympic Best (OB) paddling times into terms of speed to highlight these awesome performances. This blog saves you doing the math of the fastest paddlers, their times, and the speeds they go.

10 weird and wonderful paddling inventions

10 weird and wonderful paddling inventions 7

At Wash Rider we’re constantly thinking about paddler problems that we’ve either experienced ourselves or had sent in from paddlers. Most of the solutions are what you see in our range, with products seeking to improve paddling equipment for paddlers of racing canoes, kayaks or surfskis. To celebrate the most ingenious, crazy and creative solutions made by paddlers we’ve put this list together for your enjoyment and interest. 

How to choose the best racing kayak or surfski

How to choose the best racing kayak or surfski 0

Looking for the ideal kayak or surfski to race in but not sure where to start? The are many options to be considered and that’s exactly what we hope this guide will help you navigate. Follow these eight steps to help you identify the best racing kayak or ski for you.
Kayak and Surfski resistance training that will make you paddle faster

Kayak and Surfski resistance training that will make you paddle faster 0

Runners have hills, cyclists have hills as well as gears to add resistance to their training. Paddlers we have resistance too. Resistance training is highly beneficial to paddlers as it increases drag on the kayak or surfski which requires more work on your paddling muscles to move your kayak forward. Whether you paddle surfski, sprint or marathon kayaks there are benefits to adding resistance training to your paddling. In the gym weight training is great for paddlers to increase their strength but it doesn’t have the same specificity of working the paddle stroke muscles with additional resistance while balancing the kayak. To increase your maximum power for faster starts or to catch another runner in the ocean you and your coach will be able to put resistance to good use in your kayak training.

Portage handles will make you portage like a pro

Portage handles will make you portage like a pro 0

A guide for marathon kayak paddlers to install your own portage handles ready for your next race.

The best way to portage is to portage cleanly. This requires control of your kayak when taking it out of the water, running with it through the portage and placing it into the water at the end of the portage. A clean portage will be a fast portage so to remove the risk of your cockpit edge slipping out of your hand or losing control while excess water moves inside of your kayak during the portage many of the top kayak marathon athletes upgrade their K1’s and K2’s with portage handles. This gives your hand a complete grip to control the kayak and allow you to easily carry the kayak through the portage like a suitcase. The Wash Rider portage handles are also made with an aluminium insert making them stiff to allow you to steer the kayak where you need it when weaving through the pack in a hectic portage.