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How to fix 6 of the most common paddling pains

How to fix 6 of the most common paddling pains 0

Unless you're surfing swell straight into a reef or sending the line down the rapids in a river race, paddle sports are relatively safe and low impact for your body. To help you keep paddling and enjoying your paddling, we have identified some of the common pains and what you can do to reduce or remove them from your paddling life.
Survey: Paddler Seat Comfort

Survey: Paddler Seat Comfort 0

Surfski and kayak seat fit is a very individual problem with the three dimensions to be considered of the seat shape, the paddler’s shape, and the paddler’s technique or movement. There is one consistent point though, the large number of paddlers trying to paddle without pain! The aim of this post's survey is to gain a better understanding of the patterns between these three dimensions.