11 of the best gift ideas of paddlers: Ideas for surfski, kayak and more

11 of the best gift ideas of paddlers: Ideas for surfski, kayak and more

The perfect gifts for those in your life who are crazy about paddling should do three things: increase enjoyment, increase comfort, and help paddlers to spend more time on the water. The good news is that every paddling gift on our 2021 gift list does all that and more!

To make sure there’s something for every kind of paddling we’ve checked off each of our favourite paddle sports from surfski, kayak, canoe, stand up paddle board (SUP) and outrigger paddling alike. If your paddling loved one pulls on water, we’ve got something for them.

Browse our 2021 holiday gift list to pick the perfect gifts for paddling lovers in your life and make your holiday shopping as quick, easy, and painless as possible.

Y Racks roof rack kayak cradles

A good set of roof racks to transport your craft is a key piece of any paddlers kit to get to training and races. The Y-Racks with its ratchet system make a super secure and fast to load and unload so that your paddler has more time on the water. Fitting nearly every hull from K1 racing kayaks and narrow outriggers through to wider beginner surfskis. It’s an investment but we can tell you from experience that they’re so worth it. This is an awesome gift for paddlers and also has the bonus of eliminating the smelly cam straps floating around your car!



Any Mount

This Any Mount watch holders are a top seller for a good reason. Perfect for kayaks, outriggers, canoes, and stand up paddle board (SUPs) these are cheap insurance for your expensive GPS watches. They come with a large float, multiple angles and super secure mount these are one of our favourite gifts for paddlers who like to keep race pace and on time for their training intervals.




Paddle mode on! tee

Who wouldn’t be stoked to get a new tee to help them celebrate paddling! Several paddling specific designs to help any sprinter, marathon paddlers, surfski show their love of the sport when they’re off the water. Check out the full range of designs here. The tees come in a variety of sizes, but make sure to order early as these take approximately 3 weeks to be printed and delivered to your door.




WR Drink bottle

Instead of replenishing your paddlers socks and underwear this holiday season try a WR drink bottle to keep their hygiene standards high. Made BPA free, dishwasher safe and a large screw on lid to easily add in electrolyte powder these bottles will keep your paddler hydrated during their training sessions. 600ml capacity and an easy to squeeze build that fits in bike cages make this a perfect gift for your kayaker.




Surfski pedal grip

The range of surfski footplate non-slip traction pads are a no worries gift to stuff in any paddlers stocking. These make the footplate comfortable and reduce foot slippage to support a powerful paddle stroke. Simple to stick on and just about every surfski brand on the market covered with the range. This is a low-risk purchase which will remind your paddler how much you love them every time they slip their feet onto these.



Kayak footrest grips

Like the surfski footplate grip for pedals the kayak non-slip traction pads are an easy one to fit under the tree. These fit most K1 footrests and are simple to stick on and immediately increase comfort around the tiller bar. Made from durable foam and textured to keep your feet pushing through with power and a 3M tape backing these traction pads are a perfect upgrade for any K1 kayaker.




Folding kayak stands

It might seem like a strange gift idea at first, but seasoned paddlers know that a set of stands goes a long way. They have multiple purposes, from storage, easily doing maintenance, keeping your craft off the gravel car park and more. Weighing 2.3kg for the pair these lightweight stands easily fold into the back of any vehicle ready for any paddling adventure.



Weed deflector

The gift of weed free paddling! A true winner with any paddler who trains or races in weedy rivers, estuary or seas. These little upgrades easily attach to any hull using either a 3M VHB tape or you can stick it on with a 2-part epoxy. Weed deflectors make a world of difference for paddlers wanting to stay drag free and fast.



Resistance Strap training aid

For the speedy paddlers in your life, the paddling Resistance Strap is an excellent training tool to build speed and power in the stroke. Or just to keep the faster paddlers in your life at your speed. The 4 levels of resistance (the strap, 1, 2, 3) mean give even the strongest paddlers a great workout. Extra resistance can be added for those who just know they are stronger than the rest of us.



Paddle locator

Whether you’re paddling flatwater, marathon, ocean surf ski or wild rivers you probably want to get the most out of each stroke. And you’d prefer one that fits the carbon look of your paddle shaft. To keep your blade pulling the most surface area and delivering the most power the paddle locator will help find the right angle of the blade every stroke. A small stocking stuffer to enhance any paddles performance.



eGift cards

Running out of time? Don’t know the type of kayak they paddle? Get your paddler an eGift card and give them the choice to get the perfect fit. Gift cards are delivered nearly instantly by email and are valid for 2 years from purchase so they’ll have plenty of time to use it.


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