How to keep your kayak or surfski rudder weed free

How to keep your kayak or surfski rudder weed free

The Wash Rider Weed Deflector helps to keep your surfski or K1 rudder clean of weed that would slow you down. This small but essential piece of equipment will avoid that dragging feeling of having to pull a small marine environment on your rudder.

The Weed Deflector will slide away weed or algae that would normally catch your rudder especially thanks to the small front lip in the design to ensure a flat finish when stuck onto your hull. This allows the Weed Deflector to have no front-facing edges that could catch weed. 


To stick the weed deflector to your kayak or surfski you can either watch the video below or follow the written instructions further down: 

 What you will need?

  1. Weed Deflector
  2. Cloth for cleaning the hull
  3. Water or methylated spirits (optional)
  4. Painters masking tape (optional)


  • Clean the hull of your surfski or kayak especially the area in front of your rudder removing any dirt or salt

 Application to kayaks and surfskis:

  1. Without peeling the tape backing off the weed deflector locate the position of the weed deflector in front of your rudder.
  2. Clean hull the area where you want to place the deflector in front of the rudder with either water or methylated spirits on a cloth.
  3. Let the cleaned area of the hull dry.
  4. Peel the red tape backing off the weed deflector carefully placing it in line with the centreline of the hull and in line with the rudder when in the straight position.
  5. Let the double-sided tape bond for 72 hours to get the best results. While it is bonding, leave the hull upright with the rudder facing the sky or apply some painters tape to firmly keep it in place while it sets.
  6. Enjoy no weed drag free paddling.

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  • Len Gentin
    Len Gentin

    Would a weed deflector create more stability .on my surfski

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